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Fullmetal Fanfiction: Freedom1
Staring at the stars, so beautiful, so many twinkling bright and sweet. The moon glowing with a radiance, beyond all else. The night was her favorite time. It was dark, and though she used to fear it- it was always surrounding her so now it was a comfort. Rather than be in daylight blinded and exposed, in darkness you were safe, hidden. Every night, wishing on every star that shone. Picking out the few constellations she knew, it was comforting. It was perfect when it was a warm night. Her deep brown eyes behind her glasses absorbed the sight, as she runs her fingers through her deep dark brown hair.
Everybody was gone. They had left to do other things. Aniuaui hated being alone- but when she felt the heavy feeling- that always seemed to come- that was all she wanted. People only cluttered your life. They don't listen. They only care about themselves being heard. That was an absolute truth. If she had to choose between having one day her own family- or choose between living long in you
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Fullmetal fanfiction: prologue
While on Earth in the year 1923, Edward and Alphonse left to find the Uranium bomb and get rid of it. After they had found the bomb- it was too late. Their only choice was too run as war slashed upon them- and somehow they did find a way home 1924. But it wasn't long at all before something strange and devestating fell upon his world. Somehow an alchemist- a mad crazy alchemist had found out how to manipulate time with alchemy - he then cast a spell to stop time all together. As time started to freeze  Edward, Alphonse and an old friend of the criminal ran after him as he jumped through the portal to our world. They jumped in after him. Some of the weird alchemy had rubbed off and froze their age in time. They stayed looking young- Edward was 22. Alphonse was 17. The old man- Genis- stayed old. Once they arrived in our world again- they chased the alchemist far across the globe. For years and years- At one point the brothers were seperated and gradually Edward lost sight of w
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A clouded future
I stare at the sky floating by,
the clouds so white- the sun shines bright,
Then the sky is grey and down comes the rain-
I smile closing my eyes
Let the rain roll down my face
so cool, so refreshing.
I open my eyes and hear the thunder,
I see the lightning but I dont quiver.
Welcoming on the arrived storm
A breath of relief long waited for.
Oh what does the future hold?
Where will my life lead me?
To travel- to settle- where is home?
home is where the heart is.
my heart is wandering.
I feel like adventuring.
But when it is over- will it ever be?
if it ends where will I stop?
To be in the east- to end in the west.
Greenery, prosperity- happiness.
Away from the strangling choking streets.
I don't want to wait for some prince to come my way
I'll be the great hero of my own story
Let me find him and change the ending.
Marriage and children- I dont think so-
Though now I will deny all-
years from now -what will my heart decide?
Dreams- like mist- cool mist
drifting all around, so refreshin
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Changing heart
Changing Heart
Sitting in the daylight
Staring at the clouds
I don't understand
Why my heart does not stay the same.
I am happy I am sad
I am crowded I am lonely
How can I be laughing then so silent?
O' Changing heart -you hurt me.
Sitting in the moonlight
Staring at the stars
I want to live my life
But how too- is split apart
I want so much attention-
But I hide in the shadows
I want to make something of myself
But I don't seem to try hard enough
Why o changing heart
Do you do such a thing
Why do you unbalance my emotions?
If Im so normal and fine
Why does everything spin
I feel so sick
It wont cure-why…why..
Changing heart stop!
Images of the ocean
I feel life slipping- frightened
But yet feel so much more alive
Why do you mix me up
Why o changing heart.
Why fall in love with him?
Someone who is illustrated?
But you made me believe
That he is so real- he is…
But where will this get me?
I will be locked up soon
Though I already am –I am breaking free
But everyone will see me
and then
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chantell morris
Current Residence: Calgary Canada
Favourite genre of music: J pop, J rock, and instrumental (classical ect)
Favourite style of art: Drawing--if i had teh technology I'd do more
Favourite cartoon character: Inuyasha, Edward, Takuto, Tamaki, Midna & Link
Personal Quote: Follow your dreams and embrace them as if they're all you have
I have been meaning to do this for awhile. And I apologize to those who have just started watching me and favoriteing my pictures (THANK YOU) - but My username has been annoying me terribly lately and so I have FINALLY decided to move my artwork to a new account that suits me better. (and why not a better time than right after my 18th birthday?)
PLEASE HEED! This move will not be immediate -but gradual to allow me to transfer my images. When I am finishing my transfer to my new cozy little home on deviant I will put up another Notice journal entry to finnalize this move.

I also have to admit almost all picture I have favorited I will likely favorite again - cause heck their my favourites! And I love them to bits- I hope-- or rather I know that having a name that I am more happy with will likely encourage me to add more to my gallery. So change is ggod cause that means I will be a more active deviant on posting my art! (though I admit that Im not as great as most of you on here I have my confidence I will get better)

Thank you all so much and I hope you all will keep watching me at my new deviant named
#### Aniuaui #####  
Thank you very much and I apologize for any inconvienience.
This move should take about a week-3weeks depending on how much I can snag the computer from my family at home.

please keep supporting me I so much appreciate your wonderful contributions (critiques) to my artwork.
  • Listening to: Sakura Kiss
  • Reading: Inuyasha
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  • Playing: my mps (cheap one)
  • Eating: muffin, strawberries, banana
  • Drinking: water


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